Quadra-Chek and Gage-Chek Digital Readouts

Quadra-Chek and Gage-Chek digital readouts support industries that call for the precise measurement and inspection of 2-D and 3-D parts. All products incorporate intuitive user interfaces and simple, meaningful displays. Their designs reflect the detailed understanding of user needs that comes from years of industry leadership and an installed product-base of over 100,000 units. HEIDENHAIN digital readouts lead the precision inspection industry with innovations that improve operator productivity, reduce errors and save time and money.


ND 1400 Series

The ND 1400 series (formerly QC 330 series) is designed specifically for manual coordinate measuring machines, and can capture two- and three-dimensional features with its measuring computer functionality.  This intuitive DRO with its color touchscreen interface is an especially useful retrofitting tool, offering the latest in computerized advances to older CMMs.

ND 1300 Series

The ND 1300 series (formerly QC 320 series) is an advanced line of digital readouts that feature an enhanced, color touch-screen interface. It includes patented Measure Magic technology and is ideal for the measurement of 2-D. Crosshair, optical edge detection and video edge detection systems for 2-D measurements can be automated with CNC motion control options. The ND 1300 can be used with inspection tools such as measuring microscopes, optical comparators and video systems.

ND 1200 series

The ND 1200 series (formerly QC 200 series) is a line of time-saving digital readouts with an intuitive user interface and patented Measure Magic technology. It is ideal for measuring 2-D features and can be used with inspection tools such as optical comparators and measuring microscopes.

ND 1100 series

The ND 1100 series (formerly QC 100 series) is a line of flexible, compact precision digital readouts for measuring systems with 1 to 4 axes. It is ideal for measuring angular or linear dimensions and can be used with inspection tools such as optical comparators and measuring microscopes.

ND 2100G Gage-Chek series

The Gage-Chek is a multi-channel digital readout that accepts up to 8 gaging inputs from a wide variety of encoders, sensors and transducers. It features intuitive graphic displays, helpful audio cues and user-defined formulas. It also reports dynamic Min/Max measurements, provides SPC analyses from an integrated database and includes connectivity to PCs and other peripherals.

ND 1202T series

Powerful yet intuitive digital readout designed specifically for tool presetting equipment. Store up to nine zero points by measuring setting gages. Once a setting gage is stored, the measurement of tool offset values from nominal dimensions is fast and easy. Nominal values of up to 300 tools can be stored and used for future measurement.